RECAP: Chicago’s Perfect 10 — 10K

Well I’ve been on a runner’s high most of the day today — thanks to a stellar performance at my 10K this morning! I ran the fastest pace I’ve ever run to date (12:18), ran a 9:1 ratio (even cut some of those one minute breaks short), and never felt like I was going to die or needed to slow down to finish. In fact, the second half of my race was faster than the first half — negative splits almost every mile!!!

Race base was Navy Pier, and the course ran south along the lakefront — familiar territory, yes, but some of my favorite places to be: Lake Michigan, three harbors (although empty now), Buckingham Fountain, downtown. Oh I could run the lakefront all day and all night. I can’t wait until I can live there. I ran Navy Pier about a month ago during my last long run for half marathon training. It sure seemed longer today — I swear that finish line took forever to rope in! I ran the entire length to the finish line and had my best kick / final sprint ever. I definitely earned today’s medal.

Sweet spinning medals!

I wish I wasn’t such a sucker for medals…

While the race started late, it wasn’t a big deal to me, although the updated race times were still incorrect and both distances started a few minutes prior to the new announced times. Oh, well. I was waiting in the last corral ahead of time so I was A-OK when the horn sounded. It was a bit of a relief actually since I dressed for a “warm” race and had on short sleeves and capris. For a few minutes I was jealous of all the long sleeve shirts and jackets, but once we got going I was glad I dressed so lightly. My outfit was perfect for the 50 degree temps.

I forgot to pack a couple of shot bloks so I planned to down a cup of Powerade on the course — except there was no Powerade on the course. In fact, there were only two water stations on the 10K course when there were four posted on the map. IDK what happened, and I survived, and there was water each time I passed the tables, but that’s a pretty big deal to have messed up. I managed to find a not too blackened banana post-race and grabbed a full-ish cup of water (yes, cup — poor ten mile runners!).

The lakefront path did get congested in some places, and I had to pass a few walkers / slower runners on the grass side, but it is what it is. Running on the lakefront path, I’ve come to expect that. I wish everyone just followed path etiquette and didn’t make themselves so wide. I’m not skinny by any means, but I do my best to stay far right and out of the way.

I’m starting to get really aggravated with Nike+. I use the app on my phone to track my runs, and it rarely lets me adjust the actual distance I run. I have no idea what the criteria is to edit your distance because that magic button only shows up once or twice a month for me. Today the tracking was off, again. I actually had considered running without music, but decided to put it on which meant I would hear my speed updates via the Nike+ app. In any case, I’m really hoping for a Garmin for Christmas. If I don’t get one from magical Santa, I’m going to have to find some money to splurge on one. Does anyone have suggestions, comments or critiques on any particular models?

There was also a near wardrobe malfunction with my Jubralee again. Thankfully it happened at the very end of the race, but a few seconds into my final sprint, I could feel the left strap loosening. I said to myself, “Ohnoyoudon’t!” and starting pressing like mad on the velcro. I’ve got to find additional options for running bras. I know some girls would love to have this problem, and I’m not really complaining about my wealth in this area, but it would be great if I didn’t have to think about these things during a final sprint. FWP.

So, that’s the story of my second 10K. I’m pretty sure I sliced over two minutes off my PR today thanks to my half marathon training. So despite that race being almost a crash and burn, it gave me this wonderful 10K performance today. I can’t wait for my Thanksgiving 5K.

Ciao for now!


4 thoughts on “RECAP: Chicago’s Perfect 10 — 10K

  1. Congrats on a great race!!! I agree that races on the lakefront path gets crowded. I love running on the lake but I’m starting to rethink signing up for races that use the path as it’s course, since the path isn’t closed during races, and anyone can run the path at anytime.

    I have the Garmin 405cx and I love it. I bought it in April 2011, so it’s not their newest model anymore (now they have the 410). I like this watch because in addition to tracking time/distance/pace, it comes with a heart rate strap, and I wear that for every run and often use my HR to dictate my pace. Also you can create “workouts” on the online dashboard (if you want to do intervals or something) and send them to your watch, and then you can focus on the workout and not checking your watching a million times to see if it’s time to switch pace or whatever, or keep track of how many repeats you’ve already done (it beeps at you and tells you what to do next) Also, the watch has a “virtual pacer” which can be helpful if you’re trying to PR – set your pacer to your PR pace and it will show you how much you are ahead or behind that overall pace throughout your run. You can also sync your Garmin data to DailyMile or RunningAhead or any number of other running log web sites.

    I love Moving Comfort bras, and have the Juno and Fiona (both have velcro straps) and the Phoebe (not adjustable). (I’m a D, for comparison.) I realized I don’t really like the velcro straps, and now the Phoebe is my favorite bra. They market it as “medium” impact, but I feel it is just as supportive as their high impact bras. Plus it is cheaper than the Juno.

    • I have the same garmin as Maggie, and i love it (despite not knowing how to do half the stuff she mentioned) I find it to be very accurate.

      Congrats on the race and the PR! I am avoiding lakefront races because of the congestion – I am sick of getting yelled at by crotchety old men on bikes who can’t read the sign that says “event happening, avoid using path” 🙂

      • Thanks, Gingerfoxxx!!! I think I’m going to be joining the ranks of Garmin fans in the very near future. Don’t worry, I won’t be one of those facebook commenters who question the distance of a race because their Garmin says something different. I totally understand the tunnel / skyscraper interference issues.

        Hahahaha, crotchety old men… I know exactly who you’re talking about on the lakefront trail!! I’m planning to do a lot less races next year, so I’ll run the lakefront trail for individual long runs maybe once or twice a month. Have you ever run on Northerly Island? It’s a much calmer, less crowded place to run and still on the lakefront (although there are still speedy cyclists around)!

    • This is amazing information, Maggie — thanks for the Garmin details. The intervals feature is exactly what I need to step up my training and all the other functions sound helpful, too. I seriously had no idea the Garmins could do so much!! I definitely hope I’m on Santa’s good list this year. 😉

      As far as the bra issue, maybe I will give the Phoebe a try. Right now I’m just above a D, so I might have to wait another month or two although I see on MC’s website that two colors are on sale for $21 – what a deal!!

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