Writing Samples

I have always been drawn to writing and have received accolades on my written work from both professional and educational experts. Some of my writing samples are below, and more may be added in the future.

iNightClass – http://inightclass.blogspot.com/
During my MBA Marketing Management studies at DePaul,  social media marketing was in its infancy. I took one of the first courses ever offered for Internet Marketing, and of course, we had to maintain a blog. Above is the link to my blog — keep in mind it was 2008, but I must say, I predicted the future of social media marketing pretty accurately!

Feel free to peruse two research papers I wrote during my IT Service Management courses in 2012 at DePaul University below.

ITIL Access Management:
Anastasia Kwit – Access Management Research Paper – MIS 798 Winter 2012 – web version

ITIL Security Management, focus on MDM and BYOD:
Anastasia Kwit – Security Management MDM BYOD Research Paper – MIS 798 Spring 2012